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General Info

  •  Bukit Panjang Government High School (BPGHS) has a total of 33 classes and an enrolment of 1286 students.
  • The school has a total of 108 teaching staff, 6 Allied Educators and 24 non-teaching staff.
    BPGHS has been an autonomous school since 1994.
  • The school offers Higher Chinese and Higher Malay Languages and a wide range of enrichment activities.


Autonomous School


  • Bukit Panjang Government High School was one of the first 6 schools in Singapore to be granted autonomous status by the Ministry of Education in 1994. This status was conferred in recognition of the school's academic performance.
  • Being autonomous, the school is given more financial resources to provide our students with a wide range of enrichment programmes and facilities.


School Performance 


In 2011, the school achieved a Band 1 performance in the GCE 'O' Level examinations for both Secondary 4 Express and 5 Secondary Normal (Academic).

  • Average L1B5 is the average of the students' aggregate grades in L1 (English or Higher Mother Tongue Language) and the best 5 subjects; the smaller the value of average L1B5, the better the performance of the school.
  • Band 1 for Express: Average L1B5 < 11
  • Band 1 for Normal (Academic): Average L1B4 < 19

For further information about the school's achievement in other areas, feel free to browse our school website on CCAs and Bpian Acheivements.


What We Offer


  • Our school's policy is to provide our students with a wide spectrum of activities and enrichment programmes so as to allow every student to to maximise his potential.
  • Our Express classes offer as many as 9 subjects (2 Languages, 2 Mathematics, 3 Sciences & 2 Humanities subjects), with the majority offering 8 subjects (2 Languages, 2 Mathematics, 2 Sciences & 2 Humanities subjects).
  • Our Normal (Academic) classes offer as many as 6 subjects (2 Languages, 1 Mathematics, 1 Science, 1 Humanites & 1 elective subject). The students may choose from 1 of 5 elective subjects: A Maths, Food & Nutrition, Design & Technology, Principles of Accounts & Art.


Special Features


  • BPGHS is a centre for Higher Malay Language learning in the West Zone. The school offers Higher Chinese and Higher Malay. Since January 2001, the school has been offering the Elective Programme in Malay Language (EMAS).
  • Science Enrichment is a niche area of the school. BPGHS became a Centre of Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics and Science in the West Zone in 2011. The school actively promotes a culture of research in Maths and Science.
  • Since 2011, BPGHS has been offering the Art Elective Programme, a special programme in the arts initiated by the Ministry of Education to provide academically-capable students the opportunity to study art and design in depth.
  • BPGHS offers a range of scholarships for academically-gifted students who exemplify the school's values.  





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