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Updates on the Haze

Updates on the Haze

1)      NEA has alerted that the haze situation in Singapore will continue to deteriorate over the next week with the PSI reaching very unhealthy levels.


2)      MOE has been advised by the Inter-Agency Haze Task Force that when the PSI reaches 300, the hazardous air quality will aggravate symptoms in susceptible persons significantly and decrease exercise tolerance of healthy persons.


3)      In the interest of the well-being of our students, the school will cancel / postpone all CCA activities for the rest of the June vacation.


4)      The following website is a government one-stop information portal that educates the public on preparing for emergencies. The website comprises useful news on emergency situations around the world, such as terrorism, bird flu, flooding and/or dengue fever situations, and is updated regularly. Find out more about what is being done at different 24-hour PSI levels and what you can do to protect your health. Also learn more about the haze, PSI and PM2.5 levels. Check out the rest of the sections of e101.gov.sg for more information on the haze.