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Information and Communication Technology


 Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Department  

The Bukit Panjang Government High School ICT Department seeks to build a conducive and integrated ICT environment where ICT is harnessed to encourage self-directed and collaborative learning. The key to building this environment is by empowering our students and teachers with advanced ICT tools and skills to enable learning anywhere and everywhere in school. The department’s holistic framework directs our efforts in developing and enhancing the ICT skills of our students.

Department achievements and highlights
1. Curriculum innovation

Bringing in strategic partners like the National Institute of Education (NIE), National Library Board (NLB) and Educational Technology Division (Ministry of Education) to develop and enhance the use of ICT tools in teaching and learning


2. Backpack Live project
Ongoing collaboration with Microsoft, Education Technology Division (Ministry of Education), Infocomm  Development Authority of Singapore to develop a map-layering tool to enhance the teaching and learning of Geography


3. Participant in the ICT Mentors programme 
ICT department members serve as catalysts in harnessing ICT tools to enrich teaching and learning


Upcoming events for the year
1. Mini IT Fair - End of Term 2
2. Media Literacy Course for Sec 2 (May 2016)
3. E-Learning for Sec 1 to 3 (26 & 27 May 2016)
4. Cyberwellness Ambassador Programme (throughout the year)



Head of Department


  Tay Khye Ping

Email Address  tay_khye_ping@moe.edu.sg

Name of staff

1. Ng Ding Zhong
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2. Liw Han Hoe


Email Address  liw_han_hoe@moe.edu.sg



Charles Wong Wai Kit


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4. Zhuang Erjin


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5. Chan Kah Mun


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6. Joshua


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7. Leeroy Manansala


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8. Jan Keith 


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Updated as of 18 JAN 2016