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  1. The Bukit Panjang Government High School Mathematics Department offers the following subjects:
    • Elementary Mathematics [O, N(A) & N(T) levels]

    • Additional Mathematics [O and N(A) levels]
    • Principles of Accounts [N(A) level]
    • Computer Applications [N(T) level]
    • Elements of Business Skills [N(T) level)
  2. Our N(A) students are encouraged to take their GCE ‘O’ level Elementary Mathematics paper in their Secondary 4 year while our  N(T) students are encouraged to take the N(A) Elementary Mathematics paper.
  3. Since 2010, the school has implemented the Talent Management Programme which caters to selected students with high PSLE T-scores. This programme runs from Secondary 1 to Secondary 2, where students engage in independent and collaborative learning through research projects.
  4. BPGHS is a Centre of Excellence for the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics and Science.

Department achievements and highlights


In the 2015 Singapore Mathematical Olympiad, our students achieved 1 Silver and 4 Bronze award in the Senior category. In addition, Zhou Entong qualified for the second round. Our students also achieved 1 Silver award in the Open category where Lim Zimu qualified for the second round.


2. In the American Mathematics Competition, Liu Zimu qualified for the prestigious American Invitational Mathematics Exam (AIME).


3. Four of our students, Ryan Tan of 305, Loke Kum Yew, Nguyen Huu Tien and Nguyen Minh Hoang of 405 participated in the NJC Secondary Mathematics Challenge. They were given a real-life problem in which they had to convert into a Mathematical Model , collect data, analyse and solve the problem. They achieved an honorable mention for their work.


4. Three students from Secondary 2 and three students from Secondary 3 were selected to participate in the Singapore Mathematics Modelling Forum and Challenge. It was a good experience as they were able to work with students from other schools including a few overseas schools to learn about Mathematics Modelling. They had to be innovative, creative and worked together to complete a task that was given to them.


5. 44 of our top Secondary 1 students were selected for this programme. They were taught new concepts and were tasked to plan and execute a challenging problem given to them. They had to apply their new knowledge and worked out the task as a team in a relatively short period of time.


6. A Sports Trail was organised as an enrichment programme so that through the sports, bowling, students could learn to relate Mathematics concepts to real-life situation. The programme enabled the students to improve on their understanding and appreciation of mathematical theories and formulae. It also helped to inculcate team building, relating of knowledge to reality, personal mastery and building of students’ social skills.


Upcoming department events for the year

1. The department will be conducting a Mathematics Learning Journey for our Secondary 1 students on 23 April 2015.


2. Selected students will be representing our school in the Singapore Mathematics Modelling Forum and Challenge on 2 July 2015.


3. The department will be conducting the Australian Mathematics Competition test for our Sec 1 - 3 students on 30 July 2015.





Website links

A Google website for the Maths Department available to those who have access to Icon.
Head of Department

Tay Khye Ping (covering duty)

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Subject Head

Chua Yong Meng




Name of staff

1. Michael Andrew Peacock (CAJT)


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2. Anna Goh


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3. Choo Kong Lum             


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4. Ng Ding Zhong


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5. Koo Huey Sian


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6. Chiu Hwee Wan


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8. Tan Peng Chiang


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9. Zavier Ho Chee Yong


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10. Ker Meiling


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12. Zizi Elliza


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