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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions that are commonly asked by parents of potential students. If you have further queries that are not answered by this list, please feel free to ask us through this form. Alternatively, you may email us or call us at 67691031.


Q1 Will BPGHS be having an Open House?
 We will not be having a formal Open House. However, prospective students who would like to visit the school compound are welcome to do so after the release of PSLE results by signing in at the guardhouse. Student leaders will be stationed at the foyer from 9am to 3pm (10am to 12pm on 25th Nov, Saturday) to answer your queries and share their experiences.
Q2What is the cut-off point to enter BPGHS?

The cut-off point for the school varies from year to year based on our applicants.

For reference, the school's cut-off point for 2017 was 245 for Express stream, 191 for Normal (Academic) stream and 146 for Normal (Technical) stream.



Q3 How many Secondary 1 classes will BPGHS offer for 2018?
A Tentatively, we will likely be offering 4 Express classes, 2 N(A) classes and 1 N(T) class.



Q4 What CCAs does BPGHS offer?
BPGHS offers a wide spectrum of CCAs. We have 5 Uniformed Groups (Girl Guides, NCC, NPCC, Scouts, St John Ambulance Brigade), 6 Sports (Basketball, Dragonboat, Fencing, Hockey, Netball, Volleyball), 7 Performing Arts group (Choir, Chinese Drama, Chinese Orchestra, Dance, English Drama, Malay Cultural Society, Military Band) and 4 Clubs & Society (BP CommLink, Infocomm Club, Science Team & Service Learning Club).



Q5 What subject combinations do BPGHS offer in Upper Secondary?

Majority of our Express Stream students will read 8 subjects (2 languages, 2 Math, 2 Science, 2 Humanities) while some may be offered a 3rd Science subject.


Our Normal(Academic) students will usually read 6 subjects - English Language, Mother Tongue, Elementary Math, Combined Science, Combined Humanities and one elective (choosing among Additional Math, D&T, F&N, POA)



Q6 What special programs does BPGHS offer for students with special interests?
A We offer Art Elective Program (AEP) for students who are artistically inclined. We also offer an Elective Programme for Malay Language in Secondary Schools (EMAS) for our Malay Language students.



Q7 What Mother Tongue Languages do BPGHS offer?

We offer Higher Chinese, Chinese, Higher Malay and Malay.

We do not offer Tamil and Hindu. Students taking these subjects will have to attend MT lessons at another school.