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Parent Support Group (PSG)

Parent Support Group


PSG Vision  : Working hand in hand with the school to support the holistic development of Bpians.


Mission : To provide a platform for parents to work collectively, fostering an effective partnership and communication link with the school, in actualizing the shared      educational objectives for all BPians. 

5 Roles of PSG

1. As Chaperon

2. Support School Events

3. Organise School Events

4. Conduct Talks/Sharing Sessions

5. As Resource Personnel

Events for 2018

1.  13 Jan (Sat)

Parenting Workshop:

Navigating the Teen Years

2. 3 Mar (Sat) Parenting Talk:

Nurturing a Confident Child
3.  7 Apr (Sat)

Parenting Talk:

Cyber bullying & relationship on the Internet

4. 21 Apr (Sat)

Parenting Talk:

Five Love Languages

To register for any of the Talks, please visit this link: http://tinyurl.com/h84ay9m

Website Links


Parents Support Group (PSG) Website

The PSG group was formed by a group of parent volunteers with the common goal of providing a platform for parents to work collectively, fostering an effective partnership and communication link with the school, in actualizing the shared educational objectives for all BPians.



Parents in Education (PiE) contains useful resources that parents can use to better support the education and development of their children. It contains articles on parenting tips, educational news and information on the school curriculum.