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Malay Cultural Society

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The school’s Malay Cultural Society comprises the Malay Dance group and Gamelan Ensemble.

This year, both the Malay Dance group and the Gamelan Ensemble participated in the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation 2019. The dance group performed a traditional Malay dance titled ‘Anja Gemalai’ on 4th April at the University Cultural Centre, under the guidance of dance instructor Ms Seri Rahayu Anuar. The group was awarded the Certificate of Accomplishment. The Gamelan Ensemble performed on 16th of April at the Republic Polytechnic Cultural Centre and obtained the certificate of Distinction. They presented two choice pieces entitled ‘Ladrang Sumyar’ and ‘Dialog Bangau Dengan Katak’ which were arranged by instructor Mr Amran Ahmad.

Other than performing in the school’s Public Performance at the Kallang Theatre on 25th April, the Malay Dance group will be performing in the SYF 2019 Celebrations in the City, on 5 July at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre and the Gamelan Ensemble will be performing in same event at the same venue on 7th July.

Both groups have their practice sessions once a week on Wednesdays from 4.00 p.m to 6.00 p.m. However, practice sessions are added when preparing for participation in the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation and for school events such as Speech Day, school’s public performance and Hari Raya celebrations, or for outreach programmes outside the school.

The Malay Cultural Society hopes that the experience and learning obtained by our BPians from their involvement in the CCA has enriched and benefitted them in one way or another as they sail through their journey in life.

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