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Our Heritage

Our Heritage

Bukit Panjang Government High School was formed on 11 January 1960, with the merging of Bukit Panjang Secondary School and Chua Chu Kang Government Chinese Middle School into one single school building at Jalan Teck Whye. It was the first 'integrated' government school in Singapore, integrating the Chinese and English streams of education.

In 1993, the school moved from its old premises at Jalan Teck Whye to its present site at Choa Chu Kang. Over the years, the school continued to make great strides in the academic field as well as in other non-academic endeavours, and has won many awards which affirmed the good work and efforts of both our teachers and students.

Our School Crest


The Circle symbolises integration and perfection.
The Red Triangle stands for brotherhood and the common bond among all BPians.
The Three Points of the Triangle represent freedom, equality and benevolence, which stand as beacons in our lives.
The Green Background represents the green countryside of our district which reminds us of our humble rural beginnings.
The Book, which contains our Motto, signifies the BPians' educational journey.

The Three symbols stand for different aspects of our educational programme:
The Atom        -    laying a strong foundation in cognitive and character development
The Ship          -    imbuing a spirit of discovery and lifelong learning
The Hurdler    -    building a robust body and mind ready to take on life's challenges

Our School Song

Forward, forward on to glory,

吾校武中, 英勇前进

Wu xiao wu zhong, ying yong qian jin

Let’s march in wisdom hand in hand,

并肩携手, 迈向光明

Bing jian xie shou, mai xiang guang ming

To build our school’s and nation’s story,

扬我校誉, 相爱相亲

Yang wo xiao yu, xiang ai xiang qin

With pride in our multiracial land.

建我新国, 充满热情

Jian wo xin guo, chong man re qing

Come fear no hardship,

埋头苦干, 不怕艰辛

Mai tou ku gan, bu pa jian xin

Live and toil in duty, strength and devotion.

坚毅奋斗, 竭尽忠精

Jian yi fen dou, jie jin zhong jing

Like the granite of our soil,

任重道远, 寸阴是竞

Ren zhong dao yuan, cun yin shi jing

We will make a hardy nation.


Qin lao jian guo, jian gu ru jin

Bukit Panjang, Bukit Panjang,


Wu zhong wu zhong, ao li shan lin

How proudly our school stands amid the hills.


Bu fen zhong zu, he qun tong xin

Diligent in study and practice


Gong tong xue xi, yi tuan huan xin

Is our motto and our will.


Zun wo xiao xun, du xue li xing


BP Cheer

Yo, check it out!
Oi! x4
BP, where’s the heat?
Show that you can rock the beat!
Yeah, BP!
Choa Chu Kang, Oi!
Bukit Panjang, Oi!
All the way, Oi!
All we slay, Oi!
If they charge, Oi!
We will barge, Oi!
So we say, Oi!
All the way, Oi!
Yeahhhhhhh BP!