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Vision, Mission, Values and Motto



Every BPian a Passionate Learner, an Inspiring Leader

Every BPian embodying the qualities in the school values and 21st century competencies that enable them to be:
  • Passionate Learners who are committed to be the best that they can be in their learning pursuit.
  • Inspiring Leaders who exemplify and lead in service to others in the school and community.


To ignite the joy of learning through a holistic education and develop leaders with a heart to serve

Ignite the joy of learning
by designing CLIIA learning experiences that engage students and enable them to find success in learning.

  • Contexualistion
  • Learner-centredness
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Inquiry-driven
  • AfL

Holistic Education
refers to the pursuit of both academic excellence and character and leadership development

Develop leaders with a heart to serve
refers to nurturing BPians, anchored in school values, who lead in serving others in the school community


BPGHS espouses the values of Responsibility, Resilience, Respect, Integrity and Care for others.

Responsibility Fulfils one's role and responsibilities to the best of one's ability
Resilience Being able to cope with change and seize the opportunity for growth
Respect Treats self and others with respect
Integrity Being honest and upright in character
Care for others Acts with kindness and compassion and contributes to the betterment of the community


Diligent in study and practice

Diligent Showing perseverance and tenacity
Study The pursuit of learning
Practice The application of learning that shows purpose and character

Strategic Thrusts

ST1 Igniting the Joy of Learning
An engaging and enriching student focussed learning environment to develop passionate learners

ST2 Nurturing Future Leaders
A robust student development programme to nurture students to be leaders with a heart to serve

ST3 Building Staff Capacity and Competency
Purposeful staff learning and development programmes to enhance staff capacity and competency