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EMAS Showcase 2019

The EMAS Showcase which took place on 18 January 2019. ‘Benarkah Dongeng?’  (Folktales – Are they real?) was presented in a black box concept in the school’s multi-purpose rooms MP1 and MP2, by 18 Secondary 4 and 1 Secondary 3 students. The presentation did not only showcase students’ talents in acting but most importantly the skills learnt from the enrichment workshops they attended such as traditional poetry writing, drama and drama script writing.

In June 2018, the Secondary 3 students attended a drama script writing workshop in which they were assigned to produce scripts featuring famous characters from Malay folktales namely Pak Pandir and Mak Andeh, Mat Jenin, Lebai Malang, Luncai, Pak Kaduk, Bawang Putih and Bawang Merah. These characters possess distinct traits such as foolishness, greed, cunning, pride and ruthlessness. They were chosen to be featured in the presentation not only to be re-introduced to the students but to also highlight the fact that the characteristics and traits of the folklore characters are still prominent in the modern world society.

The script ‘Benarkah Dongeng’ (Folktales – Are they real?) written by Nadhrah Bte Zulkefly (401), Nur Firzanah Bte Kamsari (401), Nur Zharfan Bin Zaharudin (402), Muhammad Irfan Bin Amirruddin (403) and Mohamad ‘Afif Bin Mohamad Satari (404A) was chosen as the best script produced at the end of the drama script writing workshop held in 2018. The script was able to put together the various folklore characters and depict them in todays’ society. Elements of the traditional Malay poetry like the ‘Syair’ (story-telling through singing) were also included in the presentation.

The showcase was presented to the Principal, Mr Chua Lek Hong, Vice-Principals, the Malay Language teachers, and all students from the EMAS programme, including those from the visiting schools. The showcase was opened with a dance item presented by the Malay dance members with the accompaniment of live Gamelan music by our very own Gamelan Ensemble. The one-and-a-half hour show was not only successful in engaging students but also in imparting moral values to the students.

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