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2017 News Update

Win or lose, you are our pride and glory. Do your best, BPians! The BPian family will always be behind you!

Sporting Results
 Netball'B' GirlsWest ZoneJurongville37-11
  'B' Girls  West Zone Boon Lay47-10
 'B' GirlsWest Zone Tanglin41-12
 'B' GirlsWest Zone Westwood45-6
  'B' GirlsWest Zone Nan Hua 19-21 
 'C' GirlsWest Zone
Jurong West32-6
 'C' GirlsWest ZoneWest Spring 38-20
 'C' Girls
West Zone
  'C' Girls  West Zone Methodist Girls 21-23
Volleyball'B' BoysWest ZoneRVHS25-10, 25-17
 'B' BoysWest Zone
West Spring 25-18, 25-13
 'B' BoysWest Zone Yuhua25-7, 25-7
 'B' Boys
West ZoneJurong West25-2, 25-7
 'B' GirlsWest Zone Hillgrove25-20, 25-18
 'B' GirlsWest Zone
Boon Lay25-4, 25-9
 'B' GirlsWest Zone
 'B' GirlsWest Zone
 'B' GirlsWest Zone
Basketball'B' BoysWest ZoneCommonwealth26-21
 'B' Boys
West ZoneTeck Whye32-28
 'B' Boys
West ZoneJurong West49-31
 'B' Boys
West ZoneRiver Valley55-29
  'B' BoysWest Zone Victoria School 26-21 
 Netball'B' GirlsNetOps Carnival
1st Runners-up 
 'C' Girls NetOps Carnival 2nd Runners-up