Name: Koh Sheng Wei, Demas

Class in BPGHS:4T2/2008

Scholarship:Teaching Scholarship (Overseas)

Organisation awarding the scholarship: MOE

School: London School of Economics & Political Science

Course: Economics                                       

I have many fond memories of my journey in BPGHS. I made many good friends, and most have stuck by me until now. We still meet every now and then. There is an inexplicable sense of belonging to the BPian community. Also, my teachers were passionate and caring. They kept encouraging me to strive for academic excellence even though, at certain points, I did not have half of the belief they had in me. I was really grateful for all their help, guidance and care. Moreover, they inspired me to pursue a career in teaching and they remain an inspiration to me. Thank you, BPGHS, for having given me such a wonderful schooling experience.

- Demas


Name: Choong Ming Zhe

Class: Class of 2010

Scholarship: PSC Singapore Government Scholarship (Open)

In BPGHS, I developed my self-confidence and learned the importance of friendship. Before joining the National Science Challenge, never could I have imagined presenting before a huge audience, including subject-matter experts, no less. Nonetheless, my team’s relentless encouragement gave me the courage necessary. Indeed, true friends should be cherished as they are genuine to you through thick and thin, and will grant you the strength to conquer even the most trying of moments.

-Ming Zhe


Being in BPGHS gave me a lot of opportunities to lead and excel; especially being in the Student Council Executive Committee. The support that the teachers and classmates gave made me a more confident person.

 - Muhammad Salehan B Jaafar (Lee Kuan Yew Award)