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Hockey has an illustrious history in the school and is one of the 6 exclusive sports CCA in Bukit Panjang Government High School. With a squad consisting of about 60 players in both B and C division combined, Hockey is one of the more popular sports CCA in the school. Every year, the team takes part in numerous competitions such as the National Inter-school Games and other carnivals organized by reputable clubs. 

Every hockey player is committed and proud to be a part of the team. The team takes pride in being a disciplined unit who displays extraordinary fighting spirit and puts in their very best during both trainings and competitions. The strong team spirit and camaraderie is an unique trademark of the hockey team. This is the CCA where strong friendships are built and character building takes on paramount importance on top of winning.   

Hockey as a CCA provides many opportunities for students to not just achieve excellence, but also develop them into well-rounded individuals by honing their leadership, sportsmanship and mental toughness. Besides physical conditioning which builds up their resilience, fitness and strength, the team also learns advanced skills and strategies which they will apply during their games. The team trains 3 times a week under the watchful eyes of a professional coach. Many players have done well and gone on to represent the national team. 

Also known as BP Hockeysters, every member is expected to be exemplary in their studies and behavior, both on and off the pitch. Hockey is a challenging game that requires good hand-eye coordination and nimbleness. However, with dedication and the willingness to learn, students can expect to pick up a game which will give them a great sense of achievement and enjoyment.