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The achievement of the Volleyball team dates back to as long as the history of Bukit Panjang Government High School.(BPGHS) Through the years, we have consistently finished Top 4 in both the National and Zonal inter-school competition, establishing ourselves as one of the top teams in Singapore. Volleyball is also the school’s niche.


The hallmark of the volleyball team is that we are a closely knitted family that emphasizes teamwork, discipline and humility. Every player is confident that they can contribute to the team and they are aware of the need to model good behaviour both on and off the court. They are resilient in the face of adversity and seek continuous improvement to achieve excellence.


There are 4 divisions comprising nearly 100 players altogether. Training occurs 3 times a week throughout the year to prepare us for various competitions, such as the yearly West Zone and Nationals Inter-school tournaments, the Under 16 and Under 14 National Competitions organized by the Volleyball Association of Singapore and numerous beach volleyball competitions. In recent years, we have also ventured overseas to Taiwan and China for competitions and training exchange programmes, so as to expose the students to higher level of volleyball.


Besides representing the school, many of our players have also been selected to represent the Singapore Combined Schools in local and regional competitions such as the Asean Schools games. This will earn them Zonal/National Colours Awards which helps them to gain admission to top junior Colleges. As the pride of the school, every volleyball player is a proud member of the team and many graduate from the school with a sense of achievement and enjoyment that is truly unique to this CCA.