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National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC) is a Uniformed Group under the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Home Affairs. The CCA provides a holistic experience from nurturing values such as leadership, discipline and responsibility to acquiring skills like first-aid and kayaking. Events such as drills sessions and parades teach the members to be disciplined, while outdoor activities such as adventure training camps at Pulau Ubin, campcraft and orienteering give members a chance to develop resilience and enjoy outdoor experiences. NPCC members also get a chance to experience policing, learn about the law and get a chance to shoot with a real revolver. Apart from all these activities, NPCC members gain leadership abilities in the midst of grooming their juniors. All in all, NPCC nurtures members into all-rounded and caring citizens.



Best Unit Competition - Gold Award (2014) 
Unit Overall Proficiency Award – Gold Award (2005 - 2014)
Excellence Achievement Award for 10 years of consecutive Gold Award - The Gold Cane (2005 -2014)

Singapore Police Force – National Police Cadet Corps Badge 2015 Recipients

SI (NPCC) Ong Han Qin
SI (NPCC) Chan Li Qing
SSG (NPCC) Siti Rezkiah Bte Mohd Radzelee
SSG (NPCC) Tay Tze Kee Alicia


Best Unit Cadets 2015


SSG (NPCC) Tai Hao Ran Alton
SSG (NPCC) Tay Tze Kee Alicia


Cadets Participated in Youth Celebrate! 2015 Freestyle Drill


SGT (NPCC) Nur Khairiyah Liyana
CPL (NPCC) Pang Sze Thin Tania
LCP (NPCC) Teo Yuxiang


Choa Chu Kang Neighbourhood Police Centre - National Police Cadet Corps Challenge Trophy 2014 - 2nd Place