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The aim of the Bukit Panjang Government High School (BPGHS) Eagle Scout Group is to educate the young to help them to become self-fulfilled individuals who can move on to play a constructive role in society. The Scout Group comprising a Scout Troop, a Venture Unit and a Rover Crew has a total strength of about 90 Scouts.

Started in 1956, BPGHS Eagle Scout Group has a long history of traditions, values and achievements. We achieved the Frank Cooper Sands Gold Award for 4 consecutive years from 2008 to 2011.

To instill in our members a love for the outdoors and to inculcate team spirit, leadership, compassion, discipline and a sense of responsibility, we organize scout activities such as camping, backwoodsman cooking, campfires, explorations, foot-drill, first aid training, knot and lashing tying and pioneering.

The Scouts also have opportunities to interact and socialize with scouts from all over the world through international events such as Jamborees, the most recent being the 3rd ASEAN Jamboree in 2010 held at Sarimbun Scout Camp.