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Art Elective Programme

The Art Elective Programme is a special programme in the arts initiated by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to provide academically capable students the opportunity to study art and design in depth. The main aim of the programme is to provide students with a greater understanding and empathy for the arts.

Our AEP programme aims to:


  • Enable students to communicate proficiently in at least one fine arts discipline; to define and solve problems creatively with insight, reason and technical skills


  • Encourage students to explore possibilities and consider alternatives via mixed-media projects


  • Instill in students the habit of constantly evaluating their choices; to revise their work and their personal philosophies in the face of changing artistic challenges


  • Through service learning, students will use art to respond to community issues and relate art knowledge and skills to daily life through meeting the community’s needs


Please note that your child/ward enrolled in the AEP is expected to continue with the programme until the end of Secondary 4. Only under exceptional circumstances will they be able to withdraw from the programme, subject to approval by the MOE. This is because the AEP programme is heavily subsidised.