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 English Department

We aim to educate our students to be proficient and confident users of the language and to appreciate the language.  Students will develop the ability to respond to a variety of texts and demonstrate a positive attitude towards reading and language, speak fluently and expressively and write coherently and cohesively.  Students will learn to deepen and sharpen their use of English through understanding the features of spoken and written language and strengthening their ability to speak and interact confidently and effectively in tones appropriate to purpose, audience, context and culture; they will also learn to appreciate language through strengthening their skills in general and in critical reading and viewing of rich literary works of prose that provoke thought, judgment and evaluation.  We seek to extend our students’ capacity in the language through their participation in language-related competitions and activities.



Department Achievements and Highlights




Speech / Oral Communication Course


This is incorporated into our school curriculum to work on Oral and Effective Communication skills and is conducted at least once a fortnight.  This course helps to prepare all students for their Internal Oral Examination for the year.   

Drama Course


As part of the Literature curriculum, Secondary One students attended drama classes in the first semester. These classes sought to develop the students' creativity and expose them to the elements of drama. The students wrote their own scripts and performed in their respective groups.



Sec 3 Public Speaking Video Compaign


In Semester 1, Secondary 3 students produced campaign videos which explored issues faced by Singaporeans.  These videos also served to persuade the viewers to take action to support a cause. This group public speaking project provided students with a platform to use persuasive language and allowed them to express themselves creatively and confidently through various media. The top 4 groups from the cohort were awarded prizes for their well-produced videos. 


Beyond the Curriculum 


EN-ELT or Enhanced English Language Teaching Project for Secondary 1s and 2s with MOE
It stands for Enhanced English Language Teaching and is about providing enhanced support in ELT to schools through curriculum partnership with teachers who are engaged in curriculum innovation. This project builds on the existing range of implementation support from the English Language & Literature Branch. Using the existing school-based units of work, the project demonstrates teaching approaches illustrated through exemplar materials which embed AfL [Assessment for Learning] for Reading and Writing delivered through a PLC [Professional Learning Community] platform.

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