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Centre of Excellence in the West Zone for the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics and Science

BPGHS became a Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics and Science in the West Zone in October 2011. With a sound foundation in sustaining academic excellence, the school is promoting a culture of research in Maths and Science.  In 2010, the school initiated a Talent Management Program (TMP) for selected Secondary 1 students, where the students engage in independent and collaborative learning through research projects.  Increasingly, teachers are infusing ideas on inquiry within the curriculum, so as to create passion and develop creativity in our students. Research, which currently takes the form of modules offered at lower secondary level, has been infused into the curriculum.


The school hopes to work with Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) to improve teacher competencies in research skills and to distill ideas for enhancing research facilities in schools. As a Zonal COE, BPGHS seeks to pilot projects involving both Scientific Research and Mathematical Modelling, either with IHLs currently hosting these programmes, or with interested schools seeking collaborations.


In the process of developing and refining our Teaching and Learning (T&L) framework, we seek to capture the tacit knowledge of experienced teachers, through the formalisation of pedagogical discussion and expert content delivery. This framework serves as a vehicle to move the school forward, in the direction of engaged learning.  Maths and Science teachers work in Innovation Learning Teams (ILT), drawing ideas from Lesson Study (LS) and Assessment for Learning (AfL) to provide optimal learning experiences during lessons. Teachers within the respective ILTs engage in discussion before and after demonstration lessons.  This encourages improvements in lesson plans, which can be implemented by the rest of the team. The sharing of good practices for teaching a wide spectrum of students in our school can also be done at the zonal level.