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Student Development Department

Vision: Socially, emotionally and mentally adept learners for the 21st century 


Mission: To promote the social, emotional and mental well-being of all students through a culture of care that permeates the whole school and provide additional intervention for students at risk.


The Pupil Development Committee plays an integral role in fulfilling the school’s mission to nurture BPians who are confident to lead and committed to serve the nation and the world. To cater to the holistic development of the students, BPians are provided with varied and authentic learning opportunities to develop their character and social-emotional competencies to thrive in life and work in the 21st century.

We provide a wide range of experiences in the following domains: Character & Citizenship Education (BPian Time), Values-in-Action (ViA), National Education (NE), Educational & Career Guidance (ECG), Sexuality Education (SEd), Cyberwellness and Student Leadership Development (SLD)

The design of the curriculum focuses on equipping the students with the knowledge, skills and values necessary for the demonstration of behaviour consistent with our school values (Knowing), and providing opportunities for students to demonstrate what they have learned (Doing). In the continuous process of ‘Knowing’ and ‘Doing’, we hope that the knowledge, skills and values acquired can be fully internalised, in turn translating into lifestyle changes and life decisions (Being).


School Counsellor Ms Lim Jia Qi Email Address


ECG Counsellor Ms Lum Lai Mung Email Address ecgcounselling2016@gmail.com

Website links




Parents Support Group (PSG) Website

The PSG group was formed by a group of parent volunteers with the common goal of providing a platform for parents to work collectively, fostering an effective partnership and communication link with the school, in actualizing the shared educational objectives for all BPians.




Parents in Education (PiE) contains useful resources that parents can use to better support the education and development of their children. It contains articles on parenting tips, educational news and information on the school curriculum..

  ECG Counselling Booking

ECG Resources

VIA Opportunities

ECG Counselling Appointment Booking (self-referral)
Students who wish to see the ECG Counsellor may look for Ms Lum at Meeting Room 2 (besides AVA room) or make an appointment with her by emailing her (ecgcounselling2016@gmail.com).

ECG Resources
Here are ECG resources and information for parents as well as to help students make a well-informed decision with regard to post-secondary educational and career options: click here for the resources

List of Opportunities for CCA ViA
CCA Teachers / Students may view the latest VIA opportunities uploaded here. Please liaise with the chosen beneficiary directly for registration.


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 updated on 9 Jan 2019