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Educational & Career Guidance (ECG)

Here are ECG resources and information for parents as well as to help students make a well-informed decision with regard to post-secondary educational and career options:

General Educational Landscapes and Pathways

Guides to help your child:
Besides having a good knowledge of the various educational pathways, it is also critical you have a good grasp of current labour market information.
MySkillsFuture Portal
MySkillsFuture is a one-stop portal that empowers students to embark on a journey of self-discovery and make informed education and career choices. Students may use the information and tools to explore various education and career pathways, and take charge of their future.

Post-Secondary Education
These resources provide information on post-secondary education institutions, fees, financial aid and an overview of the education pathways
Graduating students (Sec 4, 5) will be transiting from the “MySkillsFuture for Students” to “MySkillsFuture for Adults and Tertiary Students (ATS)” if they are moving on to the Polytechnic, ITE or workforce upon graduation. 

As it is important for them to continue utilising MySkillsFuture portal for their learning/training needs, here are resources for them to: 
  • Set up an Adults and Tertiary Students account in MySkillsFuture, and
  • transferring information from Student Portal to MySkillsFuture (ATS)
Please find the following resources:
Lower Secondary Sec 2 Streaming
  • BPGHS Sec 2 Streaming Briefing Slides (coming soon)
Upper Secondary Direct School Admission (DSA) Exercise for JCs and Early Admission Exercise (EAE) for Polytechnics and ITE colleges:

For Normal-Academic (NA) Students
Release of GCE 'N' and 'O' Level results