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Direct Schools Admission

Bukit Panjang Govt High School

7 Choa Chu Kang Avenue 4 Singapore 689809

Direct School Admission Exercise – Admission to Sec 1 in 2019


If you are a Primary Six pupil, you can be considered for direct admission if you are exceptionally talented in one of the following:

  • Sports:
    • Basketball (Boy),
    • Netball (Girl) or
    • Volleyball (Boy/Girl)
  • Performing Arts:
    • Display & Concert Band (Boy/Girl)


(I) Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must meet the following criteria under the respective category:

Basketball (Boy), Netball (Girl), Volleyball (Boy & Girl)

  • Key player in school team.
  • Top 8 placing at National School Games (NSG) competitions preferred.

Display & Concert Band (Boy/Girl)

Meet at least one of the following:

  • Served as a Sectional Leader in Primary School Band
  • Minimum of Grade 4 in theory (ABRSM or equivalent)
  • Outstanding achievements at national or international levels
  • Minimum of 3 years playing experience in relevant instrument

(II) Application Procedure (7 May 2018 – 3 July 2018, 5pm, Singapore Time):

1. Complete the online DSA Application Form on the school website.

2. Shortlisted applicants will have to submit certified true copies of the following items on the day of trial: 

  • P6 NAPFA test results, if available (For talents in Sports only)
  • Certificates, music qualifications, letters of recommendation, awards, testimonials and other relevant supporting documents.
  • Annex D (obtained from the MOE Customer Service Centre) for student currently not studying in MOE schools.

     Kindly note that all documents submitted will not be returned. 

3. Online submission must be completed by 3 July 2018 (Tuesday), 5pm, Singapore Time.

     Late submissions will not be considered.


(III) Selection Process: 

1. Selection will be based on how well the applicant meets the entry criteria. Proof of applicant’s areas of strength and achievements are essential. 

2. Shortlisted applicants will be required to attend a Selection Trial / Audition and interview. 

2.1 Sports DSA: Candidates are to come in your sports attire and sports shoes.

2.2 Display & Concert Band:

a. Sight reading: To be given by Band Director

b. 2 Contrasting Pieces: To prepare 2 contrasting pieces of own choice

c. Scales: Bb Concert; Eb Concert; Ab Concert; Db Concert; C Concert

d. Candidates can choose to use their personal instrument or the one provided by the school during the DSA audition.


(IV) Schedule



 7 May – 3 July 2018    

 Online submission of DSA application form.

 4 - 6 July 2018

 Shortlisted candidates will be informed of the selection
 trial / audition via email.

 7 July 2018 (Sat)  

 Selection Trial for Volleyball, 8.30am to 12 noon.

 7 July 2018 (Sat)    Audition for Display & Concert Band, 9am to 12noon.

 12 July 2018 (Thu)

 Selection Trial for Netball, 4.30pm to 6.30 pm.

 14 July 2018 (Sat)

 Selection Trial for Basketball, 8.30am to 12 noon..

 20 July 2018 (Fri)

 Release of DSA results via email.

 29 Oct - 2 Nov 2018

 Primary School: Exercise School Preference Stage

Late Nov 2018

 Primary School: Results Release Stage by MOE.