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Under the Aesthetics arm, we have the Art and Music Units. The design of the Art and Music lessons are modular in nature and based on the 3E (Excite, Engage & Excel) Framework.

The Music Unit develops students’ awareness and appreciation of local and global music and cultivates their ability to express and communicate creatively through music. In Secondary One and Two, students are exposed to music practices such as singing, playing the keyboard and percussion instruments, as well as music history and theory.

In the Art unit, there are the Art Elective Programme (AEP) and the General Art Programme (GAP). The AEP is offered in seven selected schools in Singapore and offers an enriched and varied art curriculum to artistically inclined students. It is a four-year programme and students read Higher Art as one of the ‘O’ level subjects at Secondary Four. The GAP is offered to all Secondary One and Two students. Normal (Academic) and Normal (Technical) students will continue to offer upper secondary art based on their skills and choices during streaming. In BPGHS, we align our learning outcomes of the aesthetics department to that of art practitioners, advocates and scholars (for AEP students).

To introduce our students to more art forms, a dance and music programme named ‘GROOVE IT’ is organised for all Secondary Three students. Students have a choice to select the dance and music modules (eg. Bollywood, Hip Hop, Pop Vocal etc) they want to learn from the professionals engaged. Thereafter, they will put up a performance to showcase the new skills acquired to the rest of the Secondary Three cohort.

In the AEP, besides classroom teaching, we also have various enrichment programmes planned for our students. Secondary One to Three students will attend enrichment workshops (eg. printmaking, painting, sculptures, digital media) during the June and November holidays taught by external art practitioners. Besides these workshops, there is also a combined schools workshop every year for them, which will culminate in an AEP exhibition (combined schools) once every two years.

To expose our students to overseas art and culture, in 2018, selected Secondary Two and Three students went on an Art Immersion Trip to Japan, Tokyo.