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Education Sculpture Garden

The Sculpture Project was initiated by an Art Teacher, Mr Cheong Weng Yat, and a local artist, Mr Baet Yoke Kuan in 1999. In order to drive the messages of the Desired Outcomes of Education (DOE) across to the students, Mr Cheong suggested the idea of conceptualising the DOE in sculptural forms to be displayed in the school garden. This not only served to beautify the school environment, it also stood to remind students and teachers of the eight DOE. With the pupils’ positive attitude, strong foundation in design and the support from the Principal then, Ms Tan Lay Choo, this Sculpture Project became a reality. 

The designs for the sculpture mainly came from two lower secondary and one upper secondary art students, namely, Lio Shi Qi Joanne, Soh Ling Na and Tan Wei Keong.

However, the sculptures, being exposed to the elements over a long period, not only looked worn as they lost some of their original splendour, they also became structurally unstable and posed a safety hazard to students. Hence, the school decided to remove the sculptures and preserve them permanently in digital form.

Desired Outcome of EducationSculptureDescription

Creativity and Innovation
creativity and innovation sculpture.jpg

Creativity and innovation, symbolised by the silver ring, overcomes the obstructions present in life. 

Believe in our Ability

believe in our ability sculpture.jpg

The sculpture represented man’s confidence in himself to rise to the occasion and meet all challenges.

Possess a Broad-Based Foundation for Further Education

posess a broad-based foundation for further education sculpture.jpg

The three diamond-shaped leaves symbolised the importance of a broad based foundation which is essential to achieve excellence in any area. 

Be Able to Work in Teams and Value Every Contribution
 be able to work in teams and value every contribution sculpture.jpg
This sculpture showed two gymnasts holding a heart which represented their ability to work as a team and to value each other’s contributions. Only when teamwork and contributions are from the bottom of one’s heart can a unit function as a whole. 

Appreciation for Aesthetics

appreciation for aesthetics sculpture.jpg

This sculpture underscores the importance of the ability to appreciate the ‘Aesthetics’, which is the springboard of creativity. The twists and turns represent the aesthetics in life, and signify the overflowing of ideas, which splash outward to reach another level of achievement. 

Care and Concern

care and concern sculpture.jpg

The virtue of care and concern is depicted in this sculpture, which shows an older, more matured person, experienced in the ways of the world, providing love and care to a young person at the threshold of life.

Know and Believe in Singapore

know and believe in singapore sculpture.jpg

The pair of hands embracing the island state represents knowing and understanding Singapore. It shows a strong belief in Singapore and the conviction to protect and defend it.  
Moral Integrity
moral integrity sculpture.jpg

Moral integrity means doing the right thing at all times. Each curve of this sculpture represents an important stage of a man’s life.