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Chinese Orchestra

Bukit Panjang Chinese Orchestra (BPCO) was established in 1993, and it has matured in various aspects since its inception. What started out as plucked-string ensemble grew to become a full orchestra in 1999. Our CCA’s core vision is 共享华乐 传承文化 -- Sharing our passion for Chinese music and transmitting our cultural heritage.

Our CCA’s objectives are:
    1. To promote the Chinese culture and an appreciation for Chinese music in BPGHS
    2. To foster close ties and team spirit among members of BPCO

BPCO is one of the most active performing arts groups in our school. We have performed in many school events, namely the Sec 1 CCA Road Show, Chinese New Year Concert, our school’s biennial public performance and Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration. We also take part in the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation and regularly go on exchange programs with other COs.

Being a part of the BPCO has enabled many of our students to have the skill of being able to play a Chinese Instrument, for example the Erhu or Pipa, thus expanding their musical knowledge. New CO members will undergo a simple musical audition/interview for them to determine the instrument they would like to experience before they are identified to play specific instruments in the Orchestra. Through our programme, our members will also be able to deepen their understanding of Chinese culture through music. The commitment, perseverance and the need to work together as a team to improve one’s skill also enhance the maturity of our members and thus build their confidence and self-esteem.

Student performers with leadership qualities are also identified to take up positions of Sectional Leaders, Executive Committee members, Vice-Chairperson and Chairperson, in which they lead the orchestra and assist the teachers-in charge in the operations of the CCA.

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