Bukit Panjang Government High School Choir, which was founded in 1994, comprises students who have a passion to sing and further develop their choral abilities. The choir has evolved over the years from a two-part ensemble to a full-fledged STAB (Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass) choir. Our repertoire includes folk songs from various countries sung in their original languages and songs from musicals. The choir believes that music is truly a universal language that speaks to the soul and enriches the mind. Through choral singing, we seek to nurture values that develop the whole child – values like discipline, teamwork and aesthetic sensitivity.

SYF 2019_2.JPG
SYF 2019

BPGHS Choir is highly committed to perform at the highest possible level of choral virtuosity. In addition to participating in exchange programs, attending master-classes, and performing in school events, the choir has also participated in competitions and events at both national and international levels.

Speech Day 2018.jpg
Speech Day 2018

BPGHS Choir earned a Certificate of Distinction in the SYF Arts Presentation in the years 2015 and 2017. The choir also performed at various national events such as the 2012 National Day Parade and the SG50 Youth Celebrate event. In December 2018, the choir participated in the Winter Choral Festival in Hong Kong, competing against other choirs from various countries such as China, Indonesia, the Philippines and Hong Kong. The choir clinched a Silver award in this international competition. It also put up a public performance at Hong Kong Disneyland, serenading the crowd with a medley of Disney songs.

WCF 2018_Competition.jpg
Winter Choral Festival 2018

WCF 2018_Disney Performance 1.jpg
Performance at Hong Kong Disneyland

BPGHS choir is under the musical direction of Mr Yong Chee Foon and Ms Lee Wan Rong.