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Character & Citizenship Education

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Character & Citizenship Education (CCE) plays an integral role in fulfilling the school’s mission to nurture our students to be future leaders who have the strength of character and are willing to lead and serve. To cater to the holistic development of the students, students are provided with varied and authentic learning opportunities to develop their character and social-emotional competencies to thrive in life and work in the 21st century.

We adopt a whole school approach to provide a wide range of experiences in the following domains: Character & Citizenship Education (CCE), Values-in-Action (ViA), National Education (NE), Educational & Career Guidance (ECG), Sexuality Education (SEd), Cyberwellness Education (CYB), Student Leadership Development (SLD), Form Class Programmes, Disciplinary Practices and Co-Curricular Activities (CCA).

The design of the curriculum focuses on equipping the students with the knowledge, skills and values necessary for the demonstration of behaviour consistent with our school values (Knowing), and providing opportunities for students to demonstrate what they have learned (Doing). In the continuous process of ‘Knowing’ and ‘Doing’, we hope that the knowledge, skills and values acquired can be fully internalised, in turn translating into lifestyle changes and life decisions (Being).