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Educational & Career Guidance

Education and Career Guidance (ECG) is about equipping students with the necessary knowledge, skills and values to make decisions at each key education stage for successful transition from school to further education or work, and hence to plan and manage their career pathways and learning throughout their lives.

In BPGHS, we focus on:
  • Awareness of Self (Strengths, Interests, Values and Skills)
  • Awareness of the various professions and opportunities in the world of work
  • Awareness of relevant courses of study and educational pathways
  • Enhance ownership and planning of own education and career pathways

For ECG to be effective, one of the key enablers is to develop in students a future-ready mindset, which comprises the following:
  • Embracing the concept of open exploration (to explore the unfamiliar and unknown)
  • Challenging preconceived ideas/assumptions and to embrace new learning
  • Inculcating the spirit of continuous learning for self-improvement
  • Having the joy of learning
  • Be inspired and establish a vision for self

Determining ECG Learning Needs:


To create a comprehensive ECG experience for the students, we look at reinforcing the same ECG messages at all the various touchpoints that the students have. Hence, we adopt a 4-pronged approach in our ECG programmes.


Considering the different stakeholders we have, we plan our programmes by taking reference from MOE ECG guidebook to provide different tiers of support.

At the base level, we focus on providing various exposures to all students.

At the middle tier, programmes are targeted at different groups of students with specialized needs for them to explore a certain profession at a deeper level.

The last tier would be for students who have specific ECG concerns. For these students, the ECG counsellor, YHs and even sometimes the School Leaders, will come in to provide targeted intervention and support.


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