Values in Action

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As part of the school’s Student Leadership Development Programme, Values in Action (ViA) is a platform whereby students grow and develop into leaders who play an active role in improving the lives of others, and influencing and persuading others to serve the community.

In ViA, the Service Learning approach is adopted whereby service to the community is combined with student learning in a way that improves both the student and community.

Service Learning takes into consideration four areas of development:
  1. Engaging students in service that meets real community needs
  2. Identifying learning outcomes to link the students’ service experiences to the school curriculum
  3. Preparing students mentally and physically for the service tasks
  4. Providing a structured process for students’ planning, organisation and reflection

As a result, there is an equal emphasis on helping communities and providing relevant learning experiences to students.

ViA opportunities are provided via the following platforms:
  • Structured Level ViA Programme: ViA lessons are incorporated into CCE lessons for students to explore service opportunities and plan their service projects
  • CCA ViA: As part of the CCA programme, students are encouraged to organise at least one SiA ViA activity once a year to contribute to the community
  • Student Initiated Activities (SiA) Platform: Students are encouraged to champion a social cause they are passionate about. Through this platform, students can develop their confidence, initiative, commitment and willingness to serve the community.

Structured Level ViA Programme

In the structured level ViA programme, there is a progressive development of skills and values as students serve the various social segments of society that need help, including The Elderly, Young Children, People with Disabilities and underprivileged families. Through exposing them to various social needs and communities, this provides adequate opportunities for a rich service learning experience.

The Structured Level ViA programme is designed with certain objectives in mind including the inculcation of values of respect and empathy at lower secondary as well as equipping students with problem solving skills such that by the time they reach upper secondary, they would have acquired the necessary skills and experience to be given the autonomy to choose the community they are passionate to serve.

Secondary One
Students are made aware of the needs of an ageing population in Singapore through their engagement with the elderly folks at various homes. It is through the act of caring for others that they are able to demonstrate and practise the values of patience and respect.

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Secondary Two
Students are given the exciting opportunity to become a role model by displaying appropriate values of responsibility and care to influence and make a positive impact on the young children at SParkletots Pre-schools.

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Secondary Three
Students are given the autonomy to select and exercise problem solving skills to resolve issues faced in the local community by adopting social causes they feel passionate about, from a range of beneficiaries they can choose from.

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Secondary Four
At Secondary Four, students should be active contributors to improve the lives of others by taking the initiative in leading and inspiring others to work towards the common good of the society.

Hence, their VIA project is entirely self-initiated, planned and executed by students while the Form Teachers facilitate and guide them in the project planning process. In the process, we hope to ignite the spirit of entrepreneurial dare in students as they explore, experiment and take risk in unfamiliar settings and contexts, thereby cultivating their confidence and perseverance.


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