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Design & Technology / Nutrition and Food Science

Design & Technology

The Design and Technology (D&T) Unit aims to develop design thinking skills and give students opportunities to apply design knowledge through the D&T curriculum’s 3E Framework (Excite, Engage and Excel).

To stimulate interest among our lower secondary students in D&T, students will be introduced to the design process and be given opportunities to experience the following activities: freehand sketching, ideation of design and prototype making.

To engage and develop our upper secondary students to excel at the national examination, students will execute, in greater depth, the five stages of the design process. They will also learn comprehensive practical processes in the workshop and gain relevant and comprehensive knowledge of the various areas in technology.

Examples of students’ work:

Electronic 1.JPG
Mechanical 1.jpg
Mechanical 3.jpg

Nutrition and Food Science

Nutrition and Food Science aims to educate students on consumerism, financial planning in daily living and the importance of nutrition for long-term health.. It is a compulsory subject for all lower secondary students, with the exception of the AEP students.

The lesson syllabus focuses on how individuals can optimise their skills and resources to meet their physical, mental, social and economic needs. Through various lesson activities, students will acquire multiple life skills, such as making wise decisions on choosing healthier food ingredients, consuming the necessary nutrients to maintain good health, and managing finances to solve real world problems.

The Normal (Academic) and Normal (Technical) students are given the choice to offer this subject at the upper secondary level.