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English & Literature

The English Language Programme seeks to educate students to be proficient and confident users of the language and to appreciate the language.

  • Students will develop the ability to respond to a variety of texts and demonstrate a positive attitude towards reading and language, speak fluently and expressively and write coherently and cohesively.
  • Students will learn to deepen and sharpen their use of English through understanding the features of spoken and written language and strengthening their ability to speak and interact confidently and effectively in tones appropriate to purpose, audience, context and culture.
  • Students will learn to appreciate the language through strengthening their skills in general and in critical reading and viewing of rich literary words of prose that provoke thought, judgment and evaluation.

The Literature-in-English Programme seeks to enable students to be :

  • empathetic and global thinkers who are aware of diverse perspectives and so empathise with other people’s experiences;
  • critical readers who appreciate the contexts in which literary texts are written and the aesthetic value of language;
  • creative meaning-makers who embrace ambiguity and actively and creatively construct their understanding and interpretations of texts; and
  • convincing communicators who demonstrate critical thinking when discussing and writing about texts and convincing others of their interpretations.

Department Programmes

Enrichment Programme – Movie Screening
Students have the opportunity to watch a film and join in a discussion of the themes, characterisation, and language of the movie.

Speech / Oral Communication Course
As part of the English language curriculum, students hone their oral and effective communication skills. Apart from practising their pronunciation, students engage in public speaking in the form of show & tell, news presentation, debate, producing a campaign video or delivering a book talk. Students have the chance to take part in national public speaking competitions. This course also helps to prepare students for their yearly school-based oral examination.

Drama Course
As part of the Literature curriculum, Secondary One students attend a drama course in the first semester. This course aims to develop students’ creative self-expression and confidence, teamwork, communication and performance skills, as well as expose them to the elements of drama. At the end of the course, students stage their play. Apart from watching the performance of their peers, students can look forward to catching a play at the theatre.

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National Schools Literature Festival
Secondary One to Four students are encouraged to participate in Singapore’s biggest literary festival for students. The various inter-school literary competitions include choral reading, debate on O-level literature texts and unseen poetry, and flash fiction.

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