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The Humanities department comprises the disciplines of History, Geography and Social Studies.

Teaching approaches

In History and Social Studies, a concept-centric approach is used. Students attain conceptual understanding and demonstrate their understanding by drawing on content knowledge to illustrate the concepts.

A flipped classroom approach in Geography allows students to attain information before curriculum time. This information serves as prior knowledge that students utilize for the various activities and discussions during curriculum time.

Authentic learning

Students are actively involved in Historical Investigation (HI), Geographical Investigation (GI) as well as Issues Investigation (II) as part of their Humanities curriculum.

Geographical Investigation Activities
  • Investigate water quality in the river at Bishan-AMK Park
  • Determine the effectiveness of Singapore’s public transport system by interviewing the public
  • Measure weather elements such as rainfall, humidity and temperature in school
  • Measure beach profile and wave elements at East Coast Park
  • Determine reasons for visits to Sentosa by conducting interviews at Sentosa

Using the Inquiry process to study primary and secondary sources, students draw conclusions on the following:

Historical Investigation (Some examples include:)
  • Was life good for migrants in the first century of Singapore’s founding?
  • Did Singaporean’s benefit under PAP’s rule in the first decade after independence?
  • Impact of Hitler’s rule

Issues Investigation (Some examples include:)
  • Has the government / BPGHS successfully fostered cohesiveness amongst the youths of different races?

Competitions and achievements (2018)

27th Raffles Model United Nations (RMUN) and 9 th Sustainable Development Youth Convention
Selected Secondary three students participated in these events, where global issues such as countering terrorist networks, pesticide exposure and sustainable development were discussed and debated at both conferences. Students adopted varied roles in RMUN, ranging from being a delegate of a country, observers, to members of the Press Corp. They benefited from the broad perspectives shared during the discussions and debates.

National Library Board (NLB) Annual “Prove It” Competition
Our Secondary Two students delved into the realm of fake news and click bait. Jun Fai (201), Lin Thant (202), Dewi (203) & Arnav (204) competed against 62 schools and emerged 4th overall.

ACJC Annual History & Current Affairs Competition
Held on 21st April, this competition made the student participants realise the need to be more aware of historical events and global current affairs issues.

National University of Singapore Geography Challenge (NUS GC)
In this annual event, a group of Secondary Four students tackled the theme ‘A Secure Singapore: Managing Our Threats and Opportunities’.

Three of the students attained Top Performing Individuals (Silver) during the preliminary round. They are Loh Yun (404A), Christopher Brandon Indy Karim (404B) and Wee Wei Quan, Bryan (404B). The group also achieved the Best Scoring Team (Dakota Crescent Station) during the Geo-Trail.

Loh Yun (404A) has also been invited to join the MOE Geography Talent Development Programme.