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Every BPian a future-ready, self-directed and critical thinker.

To cultivate the joy of learning and 21st century competencies through student-focused quality instruction and assessment.

Department Focus
The department holds a strong belief that every BPian can learn and we seek to help every BPian enjoy learning within and beyond the classroom. These beliefs guide the design and implementation of our curriculum for Mathematics, Computer Application (CPA), Elements of Business Studies (EBS) and Principles of Accounts (POA).

Learning in the Classroom
Learning takes place in the classroom and beyond the classroom. In the classroom, our teachers facilitate learning by getting students to co-construct meaning from the knowledge gained through inquiry and discussion. Through our assessment tasks such as solving real-world context problems and non-routine problems or error analysis, the learners get to develop 21st century competencies such as critical and creative thinking skills. Through error analysis in Mathematics, the learners also get to see learning through the eyes of their teachers when they go through the experience of identifying the errors and explaining about the errors.

Learning Beyond the Classroom
Visiting places of interest in Singapore may sound like a touristic activity, but for the BPians, the EBS-POA Learning Journey and the Secondary One Mathematics Trail are learning opportunities in which they integrate their learning in the classroom and apply to real life contexts.

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Applying Learning in Competitions
With the strong belief that every BPian should be given the opportunity to demonstrate and develop their Mathematical ability, all lower secondary students get to participate in competitions such as the Australian Mathematics Competition. For the upper secondary Express stream students, the students are encouraged to participate in the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad and participants are given training to deepen their mathematical knowledge. Other competitions include Computing and Media Competition and the POA Competition.