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Personalised Digital Learning Programme @ BPGHS

One of the components of the NDLP is the introduction of the Personalised Digital Learning Programme (PDLP) for all secondary school students, whereby every secondary school student will own a school-prescribed Personal Learning Device (PLD) by end-2021.

Intended Outcomes
The use of the personal learning device for teaching and learning aims to:

Enhance Teaching
and Learning
Support Self-Directed and
Collaborative Learning
Support the Development of
Digital Literacies 
PDLP - Enhancing TL.PNGPDLP - Support Collaborative Learning.PNGPDLP - Support Dev of Digital Literacies.PNG

By equipping students with their own PLD, schools can:
  • Enhance Teaching and Learning: PLDs harness technology for greater effectiveness in teaching and learning, enabled by teachers’ use of e-Pedagogy to provide active learning experiences for students.
  • Support Self-Directed and Collaborative Learning: PLDs enable students to learn online according to their needs and interests, and to collaborate with each other, anytime and anywhere.
  • Support the Development of Digital Literacies: PLDs provide an immersive environment for students to develop the dispositions, knowledge and skills to thrive in the digital environment.

The 'Find, Think, Apply, and Create' Framework
PDLP 1.png

Personal Learning Device (PLD) 
Our school has selected Microsoft Surface Go 2 as the PLD for our students. 

Surface Go 2.PNG

Please click on the PDF files below for more information regarding the selected PLD.