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Physical Education

The Physical Education (PE) Department’s programmes are customised for each level to develop BPians into physically active, mentally resilient and socially competent individuals. The department adopts a game-centred approach to teach sports and games. This allows students to learn and develop their skills progressively, thereby igniting their joy of learning and developing them to be passionate learners who will pursue an active and healthy lifestyle. Throughout the four or five years, they are exposed to a variety of physical activities that will

  • equip them with the breadth of knowledge and skills to pursue an active and healthy lifestyle even beyond school.
  • give them many opportunities to think critically, communicate positively with others and work as a team in decision making.
  • allow them to act on their personal values and demonstrate positive emotions and social behaviour, as well as leadership qualities.

Through a balanced and well-designed curriculum, delivered through effective pedagogies and meaningful assessment, students will better appreciate what they do during PE lessons and see the value of physical education beyond just having fun.

Learner-focused strategy: Games-Centred Approach
PE Curriculum:
Level/Term Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4
Sec 1 Physical Health & Fitness &
Outdoor Education
Football Assessment
Netball Handball
Sec 2 Physical Health & Fitness & Outdoor Education Basketball
Football Tchoukball
Sec 3 Physical Health & Fitness & Outdoor Education Volleyball
Basketball Frisbee
Sec 4/5 Physical Health & Fitness & Outdoor Education Assessment
Volleyball Softball

Our flagship programmes include the following: Sports Carnival, Sec 2 Adventure Camp, Sec 3 Outward Bound Camp, Sec 1 - 3 Interclass Games, Sc 1 - 2 Sports Learning Festival.

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