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The Science Department enables every BPian to be a passionate learner by providing an enriching and engaging student-centric Science curriculum for all levels. Through a wide range of innovative pedagogical approaches, rigorous performance tasks for continuous assessment and quality feedback, the department seeks to instil in students the right ways of learning Science through scientific inquiry. 

Continuous assessment is carried out via termly Weighted Assessment (WA), designed with an eye on both Content and Process Outcomes. Not only will students be put through a series of rigorous, complex and demanding assessment tasks over each year, they also develop important 21st Century Competencies (21CC) manifested in the assessment design. The WA tasks are supplemented by ungraded Formative Assessments (FA) that place focus on qualitative feedback to improve understanding. These processes ensure that students are provided with sufficient opportunities to develop the emerging 21CC across the Science curriculum, in alignment with the Desired Outcomes of Education.

The inquiry-based strategy is supplemented by a variety of enrichment activities and competition platforms to stretch students’ abilities beyond the syllabus requirements.

In Secondary Two, other than the broad-based Applied Science Programme for all students, selected students will be nominated to join the Science Interest Group to be exposed to higher level Science concepts. The Global Scholars Programme, an online awareness education initiative, aims to develop students’ global citizenship while enhancing critical 21st century skills in the contexts of Science content mastery, English language communication and technology proficiency.

In Secondary Three, students are invited to participate in customised curricula on Physics, Chemistry and Biology that culminates in the opportunity to participate and represent the school in the various Science Olympiads. Other prestigious Science competitions include the National Science Challenge, ignITE Skills Challenge, EUREKA and CHAOS. These are the 2018 Science Olympiad Medalists.

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The enrichment and competition platforms are anchored on an over-arching Science Talent Development Framework, designed to maximise the potential and bring out the best in our students.

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