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Financial Assistance

MOE Financial Assistance Scheme
The MOE Financial Assistance Scheme (MOE FAS) is to help needy Singaporean students pay for essential school expenses and to ensure that no Singaporean child will be denied an education due to financial reasons. Students who are eligible for the MOE FAS can obtain the application form from the school’s General Office. Students are advised to submit their applications in October/November in order for their applications to be processed by December to be effective for the start of the following year. However, applications may still be submitted at any time during the year.

Eligibility Criteria for MOE FAS:

Student must be a Singapore citizen enrolled in a Government or Government-aided school and meets either one of the following criteria:
a)    His or her family’s gross household income (GHI)* as at the time of application does not exceed $2,750 per
       month; or
b)    His or her family’s per capita income (PCI)* as at the time of application does not exceed $690 per month.
        * PCI = Monthly GHI / No. of members in the household
        * GHI is the total combined income of all family members who stay in the same household.
      • Included in GHI: Any regular allowances and employee’s CPF contribution. Income from other sources (e.g. pension, alimony and rental income) must also be included when calculating a family’s GHI.
      • Not included in GHI: National Service allowance earned by NS men; and severance compensation and insurance payouts.

Types of benefits provided under MOE FAS:
a) 100% subsidy of school fees;
b) 100% subsidy of miscellaneous fees (standard)**;
c) Free textbooks and stationery in the approved textbook list;
d) Free school attire comprising 2 sets of uniform, 2 sets of PE attire, 2 pairs of socks and 1 pair of shoes; and
e) Transport subsidy for students taking public transport to school.

**The monthly miscellaneous fee (2nd tier) and autonomous school fee are still payable. With effect from 2019, it is mandatory for parents or legal guardians to apply for the use of their children’s Edusave accounts to pay for miscellaneous fees (2nd tier), autonomous school fees if they want to apply for MOE FAS.