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Applied Science Programme

In 2017, the school piloted and developed the Applied Science Programme (ASP), as part of the school’s effort to bring authentic learning into the curriculum. Under the year-long programme, our Secondary Two students, were exposed to the research process, anchored on urban farming experiments. They also learned basic electronics and programming through an in-house Arduino curriculum. Following the completion of the research and programming modules, they then had a chance to apply their learning in designing a prototype greenhouse system to improve plant yield. The programme ultimately culminated in our own ASP Science Fair where students showcased their year-long work.

Through each of the research, programming and design modules, the students were given the chance to extend and sharpen their classroom knowledge and skills. Within the context of urban farming, the students looked at Biology concepts of photosynthesis and plant growth, and Chemistry concepts of acid/alkali and air pollution. As they acquired programming know-how, they also had the chance to extend what they learnt about electrical systems and sound, through the many electronic components that they worked with.

The interdisciplinarity of the Applied Science Programme enables the students to bring Science out of the confines of each subject and the classroom, as we seek to ignite the joy of learning in each of our students. Helping students to truly enjoy the many wonders of Science helps us to develop the passionate learners we want our students to be as encapsulated in our vision.