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Art Elective Programme

The Art Elective Programme (AEP) is offered at selected secondary schools and junior colleges. Set up in 1984, the AEP provides an enriched environment for students to realise their creative talents and develop their artistic vision.

In the AEP, the study of Art extends beyond the acquisition of artistic skills and techniques. It is a journey of artistic expression that challenges students’ thinking and imagination, fires up their passion and transforms the way they look at themselves and the world around them. They will learn new ways to see, make and uncover information. In the process, their creative sensibilities will be heightened through exploration of different media such as drawing, painting, illustration, sculpture, ceramics, photography, installation, video and digital animation.

Bukit Panjang Government High School AEP was setup in 2011. Based on the 3E (Excite, Engage & Excel) framework, we design and craft our curriculum. The lessons are modular in approach and the students are exposed to the various craft types during their lower secondary years. As they advance to upper secondary levels, their technical skills are further honed through lessons as well as enrichment workshops conducted by art practitioners in the respective industries. They will also be prepped on the different papers in Secondary Three before they advance to Secondary Four.

Besides the modular lessons and enrichment workshops during the June and November holidays, the students are given platforms to showcase their artistic talents. A combined schools’ AEP exhibition is held every two years which our students will participate in. Our students will also take part in the yearly UOB Painting of the Year Competition and one of the students even won the ‘Most Promising Young Artists Award’ in 2017.

To broaden the students’ artistic and cultural exposure, plans are put in place to bring our AEP students overseas for immersion programmes on a biennial basis. During November 2018, selected Secondary Two and Three students, together with 4 teachers, went to Tokyo, Japan for an Immersion programme, which comprised visitations to art galleries and museums, and an exchange programme at Yokohama Art University.