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EMAS and Malay Language Elective Programme (MLEP) 

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EMAS (Elective Programme in Malay Language for Secondary Schools)

EMAS is a 4-year programme that aims to provide an opportunity for students to speak and use the Malay Language in an environment that promotes an exclusive use of the language. Through a variety of language, cultural and literary activities, the programme targets to enhance students’ overall proficiency in the Malay Language, create interest in and develop an appreciation of the Malay Language and culture.
The programme is for students who offer Higher Malay.  

  • Secondary 1 Language and Cultural Camp
  • Secondary 2 Overseas Immersion Trip
  • Secondary 3 Symposium
  • Enrichment workshops on creative writing, drama script writing, public speaking, translation and journalism
  • EMAS Showcase 
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(MLEP-Sec) Malay Language Elective Programme at Secondary School Level

The Malay Language Elective Programme at Secondary School Level (MLEP-Sec) aims to nurture promising students to attain a high level of language proficiency in Malay, enhance their understanding of Malay literature and develop academically able students to become effectively bilingual so as to better serve the needs of our nation. 
The 2-year programme (Secondary 3 and 4) is for students who offer ‘O’ Level Literature in Malay, in either full or elective. 

  • Secondary 3 Overseas Immersion Programme
  • Enrichment workshops on creative writings, forums, language symposiums etc. 

Programme Incentives 
Malay Language Elective Scholarship (MLES) MLEP-Sec students who are Singaporean citizens and achieved outstanding performance in lower secondary will be considered for the MLES awarded by MOE. 
  • The MLES is tenable for 2 years 
  • Recipients will receive an annual scholarship allowance of $1,000. 
  • School fees will also be covered, subject to an annual cap of $2,400.  
  • Subsidy for overseas immersion trip will be given.
  • The renewal of the MLES is subject to the recipient’s Secondary 3 examination performance and conduct.
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